Today's Extremes


High Temperature 62.1°F at 3:16pm
Low Temperature 51.7°F at 10:51pm
High Heat Index 62.8°F at 3:16pm
Peak Wind Gust 16 mph at 12:31am
Yesterday's Extremes
High Temperature 63.8°F at 4:52pm
Low Temperature 51.2°F at 11:46pm
Wind Gust 24 mph at 3:37am
Astronomical Data
Sunrise 7:29am
Sunset 6:13pm
Moonrise 3:29am
Moonset 4:27pm
Current Data
Monthly Rain 9.14 in
Humidity Rate 3.3 %
Pressure Trend Steady
Barometric Trend Steady
Cloud Base 1657
Comfort Level Cool
Beaufort Scale Calm
Forecast: Partly cloudy with little temperature change













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